Preparing your garden for Spring

Somehow September is here already, and with it spring—the most important time of a gardener’s year. It’s a time when a little effort will go a long way, both in the short and long term. We’ve put together a list of JJL’s top tips to prepare your garden for spring.

Out with the old

There’s a reason it’s called spring-cleaning. If you have plants in your garden that are looking sad and tired, now is the time to pull them out. People often forget that it’s normal for plants to fail every now and then; they’re living things—sometimes they run out of puff. Be ruthless, remove the dead or dying and clear the way for new life.

In with the new

September through November is a time of maximum growth; take advantage of it! Plant up your garden and enjoy it as it flourishes. Think about adding in plants that will flower straight away, such as tulip bulbs, but don’t forget to plan ahead and lay the seeds for late spring and summer flowers. Trees, shrubs, annuals; all do well when planted in spring. It’s also the ideal time to lay a lawn. What about that veggie patch you’ve been considering? If you start it now, by summer your garden will be feeding your plate, bringing new meaning to dining al fresco. For first-timers, try starting with herbs, tomatoes, chillies and lettuces.


With winter just barely a memory, your garden may be in need of a little tender love and care. Finish off any last-minute pruning then turn your attention to the three big ones: mulch, fertilise and feed. Your garden will thank you.

Service please

As the sun hangs in the sky a little longer each day, we’re reminded that summer is on its way. Get in with your servicing before it hits. Is there anything worse than coming home from a holiday in January to find that your sprinklers have failed, and your once-lush garden has been left to wilt? Schedule a service for your irrigation system now to prevent any nasty surprises. The same goes for your backyard pool. If you follow these tips you and your garden will reap the rewards during the summer months. Of course if you need a few extra hands to get your garden ready for spring, Jane Jones Landscapes is here.

Though a well-designed garden should look great no matter the season, spring is certainly one of the most exciting times to spend in the garden. Enjoy!