February in the Garden

Summer is the best time of year for you to really appreciate your garden. As the warmer weather permits, it is important for you to get outside and enjoy the outdoor space. It is a time to relax and entertain, enjoying all your efforts which have come together throughout the year to get it to where it currently is.

However, your job is now to keep your garden looking at its best.

As it is late summer, the weather can be inconsistent, possibly reaching some of the highest temperatures we may experience during the season. It is necessary to keep an eye on the weather forecast, so you can be properly prepared to ensure your gardens survival in harsher conditions.

On days of extreme heat you can’t rely solely on an irrigation system to prevent your garden from drying out. You need to get outside during the cooler parts of the day and observe how your garden is looking, watering by hand if necessary, or possibly rerunning your watering system if this is inconvenient. It is especially important to water pots by hand, as they tend to dry out quicker in the heat. Extra heat means extra water.

In preparation for the warm weather mulching can be greatly beneficial to your garden, helping it to endure the heat. Mulch acts as an insulation layer, keeping moisture in and extending the effects of any watering, also preventing water evaporation. Some varieties of mulch also contain nutrients that can improve the fertility and health of the soil.

By keeping an eye on your garden and assisting in its survival, you can continue to enjoy what you’ve achieved to date, and allow its continual growth.