Plants: Succulents

“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.” – Dr Seuss

For those looking for a touch of fantasy in their garden, succulents are the perfect addition. Pretty, modern, but not too edgy; there are as many adjectives that suit the plants of this species as there are varieties, and that’s hundreds!

From spikey aloe plants to the clouds of smooth pebbles adorning jade plants, the common theme of succulent varieties is texture. Clustered together they create wonderful patterns while mixed in with other plants they add a great definition. At JJL we love using succulents in among other plant varieties in garden beds, pots, as well as bringing them indoors to brighten up kitchens and living rooms.

Did we mention the colour? Purples, reds, oranges and greens, so many greens: from dusty to chartreuse and back again.

Succulents love a position where they can bask in the sun. They retain water so you don’t need to be afraid about drought conditions. Certain varieties such as Cotyledon orbiculata or Echeveria x imbricate will do well in shade as well.

They will be none-too-pleased if too wet. Best to plant the succulents in pots and avoid killing the roots by leaving them in soggy water if your soil is not good at draining. Nor are these beauties the love in a cold climate kind. If you do notice any frost damage after winter, you should be able to prune away the damaged leaves.

They also happen to be a forgettable gardener’s best friend. A little bit of fertiliser in spring and autumn, a sprinkling of water in the dryer months and these babes will do fine. Though if you’re not one for regular garden maintenance, make sure to double-check the variety before you plant, as there are a handful of types that insist on regular pamper sessions.

With the texture, colour and life they provide; succulents add that touch of fantasy to gardens. We think Dr Seuss would approve.