Balwyn Garden

This week we revisited this project in Balwyn to see how the garden has begun to take shape since its completion in November last year.

In client briefing Jane Jones Landscapes was asked to come up with a garden design that would have both a high visual impact from the street and would enhance the house façade. We had an open brief on how to achieve this. Also, there were no existing plantings that had to be taken into consideration or included, as the few existing plants were to be removed.


The owners have lived in this family home for a number of years and completed renovations in 2002, which included the existing front path. However, garden construction was never completed. As it is a long awaited project, the clients wished the garden to become quickly established.

(Construction November 2012 – correct irrigation installation)

The only other condition of the client brief was that the garden should be resilient and require low maintenance. As the garden is west facing, tough, hardy plants were vital to the project to ensure its survival and growth.

(Construction November 2012)

Despite the popular conception that the period of the house lends itself to a cottage style garden, we chose to ignore this. A cottage style garden needs more time and maintenance, which did not suit the clients’ lifestyle; it would not be appropriate for the conditions of the yard and would not create enough visual impact for our liking.

(February 2013)

Plantings of varying layers of foliage, texture and colour were therefore used to provide structure and visual interest. This also creates an illusion of space and a screen from the busy street view, so that the owners can enjoy their outdoor space with a sense of privacy. Foliage is used to add greenery, softening the house façade, whilst flowering plants add colour. The design has a feel that is relaxing, contemporary, easy living and casual, and in this way it is fulfilling of the clients’ brief and has the potential to enhance their lifestyle.

(February 2013)

Since planting, the garden has grown quickly in a short amount of time. Showing how correct irrigation, good care and proper maintenance are greatly effective and are crucial in the development of your garden.