Blairgowrie Transformation

It is underrated how easily a change to the garden can give a property a fresh face-lift. Recently Jane Jones Landscapes completed a garden makeover on a five-year-old renovation, recreating the street view of the property.

Initially we met the client on site and discussed possibilities for the garden. Landscaping was not completed at the time of the property renovation and as a result it lacked the softening effect of greenery. The existing garden was overtly horizontal and lacked vertical planting. The aesthetic of the existing environment was therefore about the hard elements of the house, particularly the stack-stone wall and narrow front window. It was decided that vegetation was necessary to dress the house and unite the existing architectural features. To do this successfully we decided that the garden design should replicate the modular appearance of the architecture.


We constructed a timber arbor between the front entrance and the garage, linking these two features. The arbor provided a pocket that settled an existing water feature into the architectural facade of the house and an opportunity for vertical cable work and vegetation in a small area. Trachelospermum jasminoides was trained around stainless steel cables that were anchored between the arbor and ground.

A second arbor was also built above the garage door, either side of which we constructed timber planter boxes to match the entrance deck.

Also, a low retaining wall beside the entrance was painted the colour of the house, this allowed for it to blend into the house and disappear into the outdoor space.


The total outcome of the project has resulted in rejuvenated property facade. There is always a range of possibilities or opportunities within an existing environment and just a few small changes can produce a completely new outdoor space.