Garden Hanging Baskets

Looking to make the most of your outdoor space? Hanging baskets can provide an excellent means of introducing vertical greenery and interest. In alignment with your personal taste and specific environmental conditions, they can be constructed of luscious green foliage, flowering seasonal perennials or sculptural succulent and cacti specimens.

The hanging basket, which as a small ‘floating garden’, can be paralleled with the Edo period (1615-1858) Japanese artistic concept of Ukiyo-e; translating to ‘pictures of the floating world’; which primarily centered on life’s pleasures and often featured the delights of the natural environment, landscapes and flora.

Hanging baskets can thus be envisioned as living art works, aspiring to create a floating world of pleasure. They help to establish spaces within which a curated selection of wonderful plant specimens enrich the verticality of the landscape and improve the outdoor experience.

Beautiful hanging baskets have featured in a number of our landscaping projects and can be located and made to order in our design studio.