Greening Apartment Spaces

With the rapid urban spread and development of apartment and multi-residential buildings throughout the city many are loosing the large open garden spaces we love, we are therefore being challenged to develop new ideas and come up with different ways of using restrictive spaces to introduce some greenery into our lives.

Recently, the team at JJL have been involved in a number of projects, creating beautiful outdoor spaces in apartments. We strongly believe that there is no garden space that is too small; it’s not the size that matters, its just about thinking differently and maximising the available space.

With an absence of garden beds, greenery can be introduced into your home through the use of pots, the size obviously depending on the size of your courtyard or balcony. Verticals are also a key element in softening urban spaces, fostering the relationship between design and nature. Wirework with evergreen and texturally interesting climbing plants (varieties of the Trachelospermum species) grown from pots or containers provides an excellent solution.

Additionally, we are currently seeing a resurgence in the popularity of indoor plants, a trend that we wholeheartedly embrace. Indoor plant life is especially perfect for those apartment homes without balconies or courtyards. There is an abundance of maintainable indoor plant varieties (Philodendron, Monstera, Ferns, Orchids) and fashionable pots or ceramics that can add colour, texture and foliage to your home, creating an illusion of the garden or outdoor environment merging indoors.

(above image by Janneke Luursema)

For inspiration or assistance come in and have a chat with us. Our design studio features a range of pots and luscious indoor suited plants, and is located at 1444 Malvern Rd, Glen Iris VIC 3146.

To enquire further please contact us.