Plants: Orchids

There’s nothing like having a bit of the splendour that flowers and their organic shapes offer inside your home. Flowers have an intimate quality and a tangible impact on our perception – they bring happiness, wellbeing and calm. They enhance our mod and good spirit. Well… if you’re looking to have such an effect at home you can always count on the most exotic epiphytes: orchids!

With their elongated structure they have a verticality that engages remarkably with architectonic spaces, while liberating the space with a boost of colour from their unconventional flowers. Since ancient times, orchids have been a symbol of love, luxury, passion and beauty because of their elegance and aura of wilderness. If you’ve visited the Jane Jones Design Studio you’ll know all about our love of orchids. Our windows are regularly filled with a variety of orchid species. With their spectacular flowering they create a really special atmosphere.

At the studio you can find a handful of different varieties out of the thousands that the Orchidaceae family offers. For instance, the most popular ones for indoor use are the Phalaenopsis and Cymbidium. This evergreen species provides a fragrant, stylised effect. They have one of the most discernible flowers that perennial herbs can give, displaying a stunning and delicate decorative feature.

If you feel like bringing lushness to your indoor space, come and visit us at the JJL Studio!