Plants: Ferns

Air cleaning, mood boosting and visually striking; Ferns are an exceptional horticultural species requiring relatively minimal care. They thrive in containers or in the ground, and have a tolerance for low light conditions, making them suitable for indoor use as a houseplant.

Located outdoors, ferns bring an elegance and simplicity to any garden. Planting them amongst other species will add a new textural dimension, while the tension of juxtaposing foliage enhances visual interest. Located indoors, ferns introduce a burst of lush green foliage that varies from delicate, lacy volumes (Adiantum ‘Maidenhair fern’) to strong architectural fronds (Asplenium australasicum ‘Bird’s nest fern’). They also offer a number of significant health benefits.

(Rumohra adiantiformis ‘leather fern’ in Sarah Schembri Medium Planter w Tray – Dark Shino; Davallia fejeensis ‘rabbit’s foot fern’ in Yesha Macdonald Mini Footed Planter; Pellaea falcata ‘sickle fern’ in Paterson + Steele Speckle Cone Vase)

Ferns – such as Nephrolepsis exalta ‘Bostoniensis’ (commonly called a Boston or Sword fern) for instance – act as natural purifiers and humidifiers improving the indoor air quality; to ensure your fern is functioning at its best, keep the fronds free from dust to allow it to breathe. Surprisingly, the fiddleheads of certain ferns are also eaten as a cooked leaf vegetable, rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and high in iron and fibre.

(Phlebodium aureum ‘Blue Star’ in ZAKKIA Podium Pot – Large Black; Asplenium australasicum ‘bird’s nest fern’ in ZAKKIA Podium Pot – Small Black )

With a rich and ancient history, some fern varieties can be traced back as far as the Jurassic era; can you imagine walking amongst ferns over 100 million years ago when they could be an enormous tree? With their primeval aesthetic, ferns exude a magical timeless quality – we believe that owning, growing and tending to one of the oldest living organisms on earth is just fascinating!

A selection of varying fern specimens can be found in our Design Studio year round.