Malvern Garden

Within the garden space, structure is undeniably significant in embedding a house within its environment. An existing mass of lawn was all that softened this Malvern home, which positioned on an upward sloping block on a prominent main road, completely dominated its surrounds. JJL was engaged by the owners to envision a landscape design that would nestle the house within its context as well as complementing its architectural features.

We approached this task by introducing a series of layered terraces that rise up towards the house and define a welcoming entrance route that now meanders around a picturesque reclaimed fountain. Red brick coping was used on the new planter boxes to match the existing brickwork and circular staircase near the front entrance – the backbone of the concept. An additional defining element is the new driveway that allows the user to enter and leave forward facing.

Within the newly formed garden beds, dotted Pencil pines and Medlars add some much needed green verticals without taking over the available growing space. The structural forms of Buxus japonica and Westringia spheres sit amongst loose plantings of numerous perennial species, including Daylilies, Bergenia and Easter daisy, which collectively produce lush layers of seasonal variety that pop against the stark backdrop of white rendering. A ground layer of Trailing rosemary creeps out from the planting borders, providing a wafting perfume as you brush past.

Just over a year on from construction and implementation of the design, the garden is one that delights the senses and has resulted in a complete exterior transformation of this home – the view from the street is now one that is balanced, soft and inviting.