Kew Garden

Being contradictory can be a lot of fun – this is true in gardens, as it is in life. With this in mind, the JJL team had a lot of fun designing and constructing the garden in Davis Street. On the plans the practicality of the layout and structure shine through, but in the flesh, or the leaf rather, the plant combinations add just a touch of whimsy to the space.

When the project began, the primary goal was clear: to realise a design that would link the newly renovated home with the garden. JJL designed a deck that would complement the house’s architecture and extend its living space to the outdoors. At the last minute Jane added an arbour to the plans, linked to the deck and the garage. This afterthought proved inspired. The resulting decking area and arbour-covered terrace is the perfect space to enjoy the garden and the house’s vine-covered façade.

In the garden itself, the team brought together a collection of unusual perennials, contrasting X with Y. Planting these combinations in blocks ensured that they made an impact.

To one side of the lawn a gallery of cherry trees acts as the garden’s own sculpture feature. Each tree is slightly different; some trunks are wrapped, while others have gaps. We can’t wait to see what they’ll look like in a year’s time, let alone in five.

But without considering the practicalities, all of this whimsy might be lost to the eye at night. Strategic lights installed throughout the garden ensure that it can be enjoyed anytime of day. Indeed it’s a point of contention whether the cherry tree gallery looks better at night or during the day.

Perhaps the final flourish on this whimsically practical garden is the orange tree planted alongside the house’s water tanks, in a location that means it will enjoy any water overflow while obstructing the view of the tanks from the house.

The front yard is under construction now, stay tuned…