Just Planted

A few weeks ago the team at Jane Jones Landscapes revisited this suburban garden that we completed in September of last year. It is pleasing to see how well it has been maintained over the warmer months and to see how well it has flourished due to the dual efforts of our maintenance team and the owner, who is a keen green-thumb.

Unlike many of our other projects, this garden was already well established when we became involved. Our role was to enhance this outdoor space by producing the finishing touches that it required to make it functional and more suitable to the owner’s family lifestyle.

Initially the back yard was a disjointed space consisting of a small decked area and lawn, which created different levels and divided it into two sections. Not only was this unsuitable for entertaining purposes, but the lower grass level was also often wet and muddy. The existing conditions of the garden did not utilise the space to its full potential and made it appear smaller, so therefore required modification.

Our solution to this design brief was to dispose of the lawn and expand the decking, leveling the space and creating more room for entertainment. To soften the large expanse of timber we created plantings of small trees, varying foliage, climbers and coloured flowering plants, which protrude from within and jut into the decking area.

The existing front yard was already a well established garden, however the owner felt that it did not create a sufficient screen from the street view. In particular the small patio beside the front entrance and the large living room window were highly visible to the public. In response to this, we planted a pair of Acer Crimson Sentrys and created a chain screen for training roses. As these grow and become more established, they will provide the desired privacy and will allow the owners to fully enjoy this space at ease.

Not all garden design projects will require a complete and total revamp, sometimes a little enhancement is all that is needed to create your own private oasis.