2015 Landscaping Victoria Industry Award Night

After taking some time to work on our website, the team at Jane Jones Landscapes is delighted to officially share the exciting news that we were recently awarded with the 2015 Landscaping Victoria Industry Award for ‘Plants in the Landscape’ for our East Malvern Project. We were also highly commended for ‘Plant Management and Maintenance’ for our Kew Project. Special thanks must go out to all of our staff members, supporters and clientele, whom made this a possibility.

The East Malvern garden is an insight into design principles that are central to our landscapes. Each design is unique and aspires to bring structures to life through plants. A focus on green, lush foliage with a variety of textures is found in all designs.

This design holds an impressive array of plants from around the globe. It can prove challenging to create balance and continuity in a space when combining diverse plants. However when different heights are incorporated, such as through the use of pots and layered garden beds a rich textural experience can be achieved.

Pots have been an important structural element in many of our designs. These structural pieces are akin to creating a large outdoor vase, or focal point. They function to give weight and interest to the garden and establish new dimensions in previously two-dimensional spaces.

The use of large succulents alongside smaller flowering plants and cascading succulents such as the ‘Sea of Pearls’ are particularly unique to this project. As one moves through the garden there is new intricate detail to be found. It is the careful combination of heights, colours and textures makes this a showcase of a wonderful array of plant species.